First Collection

1st Collection

First Collection

Moved by my passion for jewelry design, this first collection, which I have called “My First Collection”, is the result of two years of intense work.

The collection includes 12 heterogeneous pieces where color is what prevails. Each of them requires of essential elements for its elaboration, such as precious and semiprecious stones, carved and set in precious precious metals like gold in its three ranges, silver, platinum or rhodium.

I have tried to design in a way that does not respond to periods or fashions, in which each piece is able to beautify and shine by itself.

Each piece is the result of a non-random process; design, drawings and sketches, which served as the basis for the subsequent development of color, stones, size, location and crimp systems.

This process is described in detail in a memory on the following pages, which includes the solution to potential problems that could arise during its manufacture, without forgetting the design structure itself.