About Karmele

About Karmele

Karmele Saez Maturana, jewel designer

My name is Karmele and I have reinvented myself several times throughout my long professional career as an interior decorator and later as an antiquarian, a profession I developed for 20 years.

Diploma in Expertise of Works of Art by The School of Antiquaries of Madrid and Bachelor of Arte History. I later received my doctorate from the University of the Basque Country.

Professional with unlimited creativity and an immense passion for aesthetics, I have dedicated my last years to designing several jewelry collections.

Moved for my passion for jewelry design I have tried to design in a way that does not correspond to eras or fashions and in which each piece is able to beautify and shine itself.

This website collects up to 5 heterogeneous collections where color is what prevails and where each piece requieres essential elements for its elaboration as precious and semiprecious stones carved and set in precious metals.

Each piece is the result of a non-random process, but the design, drawing and skecth that have served as the basis for the subsequent development of color, stones size, location and crimps systems.

The process describes and includes the solution to potential problems that may arise during manufacturing, without forgetting the design structure itself. I sincerely hope that they are of your interest.

Born in Vitoria (Spain),Karmele has reinvented herself several times throughout her extensive professional career.

Interiors designer in her earlier years, she was for 20 years an antiques dealer. A graduate in Artwork Assessment Expertise from Madrid’s Antiquary College and in History of Art, she later obtained her PhD from the University of the Basque Country.

A professional with creativity without limits and an immense passion for aesthetics,she has devoted her past two years to design her first two jewelry collections

Karmele Saez Maturana, jewel designer